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الحقول في العشب الطبيعي

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Natural grass sport fields ... the "key" for the maintenance

Few and simple agronomic concepts... lead to a great result.

Unlike what many think, maintenance of natural grass is not an impossible mission, even under heavy foot traffic.

A pitch well built and maintained regularly can withstand up to 25 hours usage a week without big problems during the growing period that is from April to the end of October in Temperate Maritime climates and most part of the year in Mediterranean Climates.

It's sufficient to built up a good drainage system and a suitable growth medium to reduce soil compaction and create the conditions for the cultivation of a resistant turfgrass. The resistance of the turfgrass depends on the density of the turf and the development of deep root system. Frequent mowing, proper water management for irrigation, deep soil aeration and a adequate fertilization plan are basic issues, but often enough to get an excellent result.

The turfgrass retains heat in the ground and freezes more slowly than the bare topsoil. When instead the frost* is persistent on the grass, preserve the playing surface is the only precaution necessary to maintain the turf in health.

In turfgrass pitches for professional use, it is recommended to integrate a heating system below the growth medium to prevent frost problems. Keep the surface +1°C is good enough to keep your grass safe over the winter period. In some cases a long and rainy winter may occurs, in other cases very high temperatures could be a big limit in summer, therefore might be useful an innovative system Osmodrain with multiple functions:

  • Subsurface irrigation that saves water for irrigation up to 70% by limiting evaporation during irrigation in the warmer months,
  • Active drainage for the effect of the negative pressure is possible to remove the excess water in the subsoil,
  • Subair Ventilation by pumping air into the soil avoiding anaerobic biological activity, you supply oxygen to the roots and it facilitates the exchange of the gas in the air (methane and carbon dioxide),
  • Everything is controlled by a control unit automatically.

Entrust the regular maintenance and/or specialized maintenance to qualified companies is now possible thanks to the automation grass mowing which the most cost effective operation. With the introduction of CutCat, the robot that mows the grass on its own during the night. In combination with an automatic irrigation system, remote controlled, it is now possible to manage a sports field with ease. Mowing and watering of a pitch in natural grass seem trivial operations so far carried out by older people who devote their time for passion. Automatic mowing of the grass, does not replace their necessity and professionalism, since they are skilled in the management of the automated mowing and irrigation water management and retrains their role to get much higher quality standards than the current average and keep low maintenance costs offering better "Quality and Savings".

During the design phase of a natural grass field, the availability of a competent person is essential to guide the choice towards the right direction.

Verti-Drain, is the ideal equipment for deep soil aeration, to eliminate compaction, promote drainage and deep roots development. Over the past 20 years has become the best ally of the experts of natural grass field care, as this will restore the ideal conditions for grass growth in a few three words: aeration, aeration and again aeration of the growth medium.

In the following we summarize N. 10 procedures to play up to 800 hours/year.

Ask your local turfgrass specialist for the subscription of natural grass maintenance service of yours pitch at two levels of intensity depending on the number of hours of use:

  • Standard Care for a field 3-star to play up to 15 hours per week **
  • Intensive Care for a 4-star field to play up to 20 hours per week **

* In case of frost is better to avoid playing. Besides frozen plants are likely to get irreversible damages, that are much higher during the thaw of the first centimeters where occurs an excess of water on the surface that doesn't drain in the soil, still frozen in depth. The surface becomes slippery, dangerous for the players and is very easy to remove the grass sods.

** The number of hours for the use of the field depends basically from the growth medium and its water infiltrations rate to absorb the rainwater. Playing on a compacted surface in the presence of stagnant water on the surface may compromise the health of the turfgrass quickly. It's important to restore the infiltration of water to remedy the problem quickly.

Compare natural grass to PowerGrass, PowerGrass will always win.

Average cost for hour of use using the formula "all inclusive" for both construction and maintenance, considering maximum 800 hours of use for natural grass field and 1200 hours of use for PowerGrass field is about 46% if you count 10 years of depreciation of the initial investment and goes down to 36% if depreciation is calculated in 20 years. That is one of the main reasons because PowerGrass is the best invention ever developed in the sport turf industry.

الحقول في العشب الطبيعي

The DrainMaster is the ideal machine to built slit drain to improve drainage of soil existing at a low cost.

الحقول في العشب الطبيعي

The tractor with the blade under laser control is perfect for leveling the field with extreme speed and precision.

الحقول في العشب الطبيعي

The Robotino CutCat allows you to save time and money by cutting grass automatically.

الحقول في العشب الطبيعي

The Verti-Drain allows you to relief soil compaction and enable the roots to breathe.

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