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In the Netherlands, we thought was difficult to promote PowerGrass in a market where are already exiting two hybrid systems, which already had a certain success.

Despite being a small country, it is interesting to note that the Netherlands has always been one of the biggest players in the market of artificial turf and natural grass reinforced, for two reasons:

  1. The lack of space in the Netherlands, Holland is small and so the space is scarce. Reinforcing the natural grass is a good solution for not having to chase artificial turf.
  2. Innovation: a good part of the manufacturers of artificial grass and several innovative solutions are derived largely from Holland as it's well known that competition stimulates innovation.

For centuries, the Dutch are worthy of their reputation: they are considered the most skilled in business and it's for this reason that know how to recognize a good deal. In fact, it didn't take much, once awared of PowerGrass in May 2013 Arjan Kraaijeveld, Managing Director of GKB Machines, historic Dutch company, expert in the green industry and at the same time manufacturer of specialized machines for the grass care, has visited the pitch of Verbania and experimental fields in Minoprio foundation in order to evaluate the option to purchase two fields in hybrid system as an alternative to the old national systems.

Experienced with other hybrid systems, once evaluated the results and benefits of PowerGrass, they immediately recognized his superiority and together with the Municipality of Rotterdam have decided to make both pitches with our system.

Promoting PowerGrass since February 2012, we have had to deal with the state of art and other systems known world wide, regarding patent and technical issues, but nothing compares to the characteristics of PowerGrass. If you have a short look, all systems look the same, but experts are disillusioned about old hybrid systems and immediately recognize the validity of PowerGrass.

Qualify PowerGrass as the best hybrid in the market is quite an understatement. Today, we are more than convinced that it is rather the only system that really works by offering "Quality & Savings".

Rotterdam September 2013Rotterdam September 2013

Real experts always observe the appearance and development of the roots of the grass.

Rotterdam September 2013Rotterdam September 2013

In this young sod we observe a dense growth at about 7 weeks from sowing.

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