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Natural reinforced grass... for those who love to enjoy their garden.

PowerGrass fully integrates with pure natural grass so you can only reinforce the those areas where heavy foot traffic is an issue, meanwhile the surroundings, just with natural grass, resulting in a significant cost savings.

A playing area in the middle of your lawn, stimulates play and fun with kids and friends. Do not worry about the lawn, any damage will take over in a few days.

The areas of greatest wear, around the swimming pool, barbecue and playing area, now you can enjoy them with a vigorous lawn, without the risk that the grass gives away completely.

Installing natural grass reinforced, resistant to foot traffic, is an interesting application to reduce soil compaction and maintain the area green and enjoyable during almost any season. Maintenance is similar to natural grass and becomes easier to handle without special care expenses, by mowing and fertilizing regularly.

The school garden, now is greener and is natural.

How many times have we've seen school gardens become a battlefield. The grass growing in natural soil does not hold much of foot traffic of little but numerous children. Instead PowerGrass is able to meet the educational needs without major expense for maintenance. Taking advantage of the voluntary parental available you can cut, watering and fertilizing the grass to get an excellent result, thus offering a playground fresh and safe.

The cultivation of the lawn is one of the most relaxing hobbies for passing time. By integrating a Robot for automatic mowing is not even tiring so it is easy to apply with a few maintenance tips from Green Specialists.

Investing today in PowerGrass is possible to everyone and you can play up to 6 hours per day.

Villa ChiantiVilla Chianti

Around the pool there is always an excessive foot traffic

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In the school garden is now possible to maintain a beautiful lawn to exploit for free play.

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