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The installation is simple but you have to entrust to experts in natural grass problems.

Achieving a natural grass pitch is more complex than it seems. In the common imagination many think that it is sufficient to clean, breaking up soil and sow the grass seeds, so that nature provides the rest. Having to play a number of sports activities, possibly in the rain, without having to pause the game, experts now are oriented to the sandy growth medium supplemented with organic soil conditioners. The same practise follows PowerGrass with a technology far superior than usual, to reach the highest levels of playability of the field, increase safety and comfort for the players. More comfortable than that, there is only the playstation.

In addition to the prerogatives of the project of high standards, you must have a workgroup with technical experts of both worlds of natural and artificial grass.

Even the means of work must be equiped with graden tires to avoid compaction of the existing soil and during the transport of the material of the various drainage and growth medium layers.

During the construction phase, on any type of existing soil, it is sufficient to perform

  1. clean the surface and level the ground with slopes in two or four gradients;
  2. install 24 sprinklers irrigation system for a regular football field;
  3. built main collecting drains around the field with drainage pipes and gravel;
  4. built secondary drains diagonally on the field with drainage pipes and gravel;
  5. built additional slits with wet sand using DrainMaster, but if the area is subject to heavy rainfalls, built a complete gravel layer instead, for a homogeneous thickness of approximately 8 cm;
  6. spread a layer of USGA sand prior mixed with 30-40% of Geofill PG by volume, thus forming a background for artificial turf and suitable for natural grass growth, for a homogeneous layer thickness of approximately 8 cm;
  7. lay out the artificial turf, special design to be breathable, and subsequent fill it up with a mixture of silica sand and 40-50% of Geofill PG for a homogeneous layer thickness of approximately 3 cm;
  8. seeding and fertilizing with specific products;
  9. follow-up service by competent personnel on natural grass care.

During installation you must be careful to get the best results such as a) make sure that the surface will be leveled, compacted evenly and the slope of all layers makes excess of rainwater to flow into the drains in this way are not formed depressions in the surface and there will be not standing water that may prevent the development of grass, b) lay the artificial turf simply accosting rolls carefully to avoid leaving any gaps or overlaps of the artificial support and c) fill synthetic surface with the mixture of sand and Geofill PG raking and brushing carefully to protrude all synthetic fibers on the surface preventing them from being buried in the growth medium; In this way the artificial fibers will protect efficiency the crown of the plants of natural grass.


Mix before and distribute the growth medium, slightly humid to prevent the sand separates from soil conditioner. Distribute the medium with care and in small amounts several times, while brushing and raking to make is is deposited on the backing of synthetic grass and all artificial fibers protrude out from the medium final layer.


The tractor with the blade under laser control is perfect for leveling the field with extreme speed and precision.


Irrigation is useful to arrange the growth medium to be stable for the installation of the artificial turf for PowerGrass when applied on site or in sods when is coltivated in the nursery.

PowerGrass with GeofillPowerGrass with Geofill

Artificial fibers, protruding above the growth medium, make stable the granular medium and protect the crowns of natural grass.

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