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PowerGrass® is the best innovative solution, ever developed in the fields construction industry.

The inventor Dott. Niko Sarris, in 2011 has identified the solution that will soon change the way in which ​​sports fields will be made. Operating from about 20 years in natural grass fields construction and maintenance, he has faced countless turf problems and seize many challenges. In the meantime, he built up numerous artificial turf fields. Dott. Sarris, immediately understood the value of his idea and filled a European patent application in early 2012, a year later, he did another application for the extension in the rest of the World.

Hybrids systems are not new. The first system was patented in 1990 in the Netherlands and soon after in 1993 another one in the United States. Later on in 1997 there is another one in the Netherlands again and the last one in Italy on 2004. All of them have been widespread for the construction of some important stadiums and some amateurs fields.

Developing PowerGrass new concept, we had to deal with the prior art. In our research we had to study the features of other old systems that, from the theoretical point of view, are meant to reinforce natural grass, but we've find out that all of them have underestimated one thing: the grass does not grow willingly in the artificial turf. It seems an impossible symbiosis.

Experts were convinced that some of them don't work so well. In some other cases were offered tricking and cheating end users meanwhile suppliers knew their system just do not work. Some of them work well during the first period, but soon the benefits disappear and the problems begin.

In certain cases, the grass gets intoxicated as soon as reaches full density as soon as weather conditions are no longer favorable for growth. Other systems work during the first period, but after the second or third year, the playing surface becomes too hard for grass growth.

In many cases players complain about the surface hardness and greenkeepers are forced to use solid tine coring quite often increasing maintenance costs.

Keep the balance for the growth of Natural grass in synthetic turf, often becomes a difficult and complex work to do and the budget costs increases dramatically. In most cases the investments never paid back, if you just consider the benefits to natural grass.

All problems are solved by developing PowerGrass

The patent of PowerGrass, consists in the use of artificial turf with a special designed backing, non-biodegradable, draining and breathable on the whole of the surface. The 3D structure of the support where the artificial yarns are locked up, form numerous interconnected pores that allow the roots of natural grass to breathe and grow creeping into the backing and in the growth medium below the backing, also it special designed to provide optimized growth conditions.

PowerGrass feat Geofill PG

Geofill PG is an organic soil conditioner, patented from our partner Italgreen, that completes the invention of PowerGrass. It consists in a mixture of 100% organic amendant based on Coco and Cork to be mixed with silica sand, on site, and then laying on the ground that forms the base layer for the artificial turf, meanwhile is used on the top soil as the infill of the artificial turf, thereby forming an ideal growth medium below and above the backingoptimized by agronomic point of view, with the highest performance from the sporting point of view.

Niko SarrisNiko Sarris

Niko Sarris has always looked for innovative solutions that offer quality and savings. Operating in both, the worlds of natural grass and synthetic turf could only find the best solution.

Radici PowerGrassRadici PowerGrass

The result? Roots, roots, deep roots that grow through the backing without difficulty.

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