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المنتجات والخدمات

PowerGrass is not a simple a product, PowerGrass is a complete system

To obtain a successful system we supply the best combination to make the maintenance simple and easy and permits the grass to resist heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions.

Over long time experience, in most cases the market demand is up to 1000 of playing hours for sport field. As a general indication we provide a system that, if maintained properly, can reach a large number of playing hours depending on the climate that influence the growing period, as for an example in Cool Continental up to 1000 hours, in Temperate Maritime up to 1200 hours and in Mediterranean Climate up to 1400 hours.

Two basic products are necessary to provide the "hardware" of PowerGrass

To get all this at once is important to focus on two basic products that we consider the "hardware" of the project:

  1. the artificial turf 4PowerGrass special designed to provide a stable playing surface that promotes grass growth and reinforcement up to 20 years with strong, elastic fibers that protrude over the surface to the upright position to protect natural grass crowns, well fastened to a breathable backing that allow grass roots penetration from the very beginning thanks to its internal porosity, without large holes as we realised that are not efficient in old hybrid systems.
  2. a special designed soil conditioner Geofill PG to mix with silica sand up to 50% to provide: a) a chock absorb playing surface with a durable effect resistant to compaction, b) a bigger amount of air content and water field capacity at the same time to handle easier heavy rainfalls and dry climates and c) a insulation effect to provide warmer root zone over the winter period and more fresh during summer as skilled persons may understand that silica sand is a thermal conductor.

The artificial turf roles are provided in two different technologies woven or tufted. The size of the roles are 4 meters width and the length is available up to 70-80 mt to reach the wide size of the pitch. Production is just in time and is available within 3-4 weeks upon order confirmation on low season period.

The pile height is available from 40-70 mm to reach all markets demands in the following set up:

  1. Playground 40 tufting 40 mm yarns for tennis, golf tees and private gardens,
  2. Sport 50 tufting 50 mm yarns for sportsgrounds and sod production,
  3. Sport 50 W woven 50 mm yarns for sportsgrounds and sod production,
  4. Generation 60 tufting 60 mm yarns for professional sports,
  5. Sport 50 D tufting 50 mm yarns for sportsgrounds and sod production on extreme climate conditions,
  6. Generation 60 D tufting 60 mm yarns for professional sports on extreme climate conditions.

Geofill PG is available in big bag of about 2,50 to 3,20 m3 which is about 350 and 450 kg accordingly, based on UNI EN 13041:2007 norm.

Many additional products are necessary to provide the "software" of PowerGrass

he software of PowerGrass project is meant to be those products that are necessary to grow natural grass including basically seeds fertilisers and control products.

PowerGrass set up promote a quick grass establishment to fulfil the market demands and skilled persons may understand that Lolium perenne is the main species that is suitable for this purpose. The roots will anchor to artificial backing therefore Poa pratensis is not so important to promote dense root system but still can be used up to 20% in a seed mixture by weight.

Cool season grasses do not grow over 32°C therefore if hot climates some focus on warm season grasses like Bermuda grass of Paspalum.

Whatever is your case make sure that the species and within the species the varieties selected and maintenance processes control thatch growth without harming the artificial yarns. Players actions, a roller with conic pins, a spring scarifier or groomer may provide that service without difficulties.

Maintenance equipment for PowerGrass

Most of the maintenance equipment that are often used for natural grass and artificial turf care are suitable also for PowerGrass having in mind not to harm the artificial yarns and the backing. Therefore avoid heavy scarifiers and deep hollow coring. Contact us and/or our partners to make sure you got a clear understanding about which machine is suitable but always test and register carefully every equipment to avoid to harm a lifetime investment.

The marking lines of the pitch are provided by special color used also for natural grass.

Services and consultancy

Installation is easy but it takes specialised worker to do the job. Our partners are skilled companies capable to install the pitch in short time taking care all details.

Consultancy is provided free of charge to our customers until they get sufficient experience to PowerGrass system.

المنتجات والخدمات

The tractor with the blade under laser control is perfect for leveling the field with extreme speed and precision.

Sport 50Sport 50

Sport 50 Woven upon installation with Geofill PG, before the natural grass grows.

Generation 60Generation 60

Generation 60 upon installation with Geofill PG, before the natural grass grows.

Geofill pronto per la consegnaGeofill pronto per la consegna

Geofill PG is essential to promote better growth.

Preparation of BackgroundPreparation of Background

Mixing of materials and preparation of the background.

Preparation PowerGrassPreparation PowerGrass

Brushing and raking to fill the synthetic turf.

Sementi e concimi EurogreenSementi e concimi Eurogreen

Quality seeds and fertilizers to ensure best results in short time.

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